SXT-5A Portable Absorb Phlegm Unit

SXT-5A Portable Absorb Phlegm Unit

Portable Absorb Phlegm Unit model SXT-5A is the High Vacuum/High Flow absorb phlegm unit, intended for temporarily and spontaneously suction of secretions in the upper respiratory tracts of patient. It is widely used for emergency treatment in various hospital, first-aid conditions or center of social medical service.

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1. Long life single piston cylinder which requires no lubrication or daily maintenance produces no pollution to the environment.

2. High flow, high vacuum, good performance and fast vacuum build-up. The vacuum can be regulated by the vacuum regulator according to the requirement, and displayed by the vacuum gauge.

3. Overflow protection device can safely and efficiently prevent the liquid from entering into the pump.

4. Body made of plastic material is light, compact and convenient for carrying and operating.

5. Autoclavable, transparent plastic bottle is more durable and more convenient for cleaning.